SwAIPP (Swedish AI Precision Pathology) is a national VINNOVA and SweLife supported innovation environment for research and development of AI-based precision pathology, with a focus on the development, translation and implementation of AI-based pathology for cancer diagnostics in healthcare on a large-scale level.

SwAIPP uses AI-based precision pathology in order to extract from images comprehensive and precise information that can lead to more precise and faster diagnosis for patients. SwAIPP is unique in that it is a cross-sectorial innovation environment, involving all key stakeholders necessary for the development, translation and implementation of AI-based precision pathology technologies from research to the clinic in order to radically improve the diagnostic process for cancer patients. The novel solutions developed aim to provide a personalized diagnosis comparable to the currently available molecular assays at a fraction of the cost and time by using images already digitized in pathology labs. This will lead to more sustainable and equitable healthcare for both the patients and the society by promoting cost-effective diagnostic solutions that will provide equally high quality of cancer diagnostics irrespective of local expertise.


SwAIPP consists of twelve partners to cover expertise in all areas from AI-research and development to infrastructure and compliance, as well as for implementation with healthcare and patient organisations.

Karolinska institutet

The research component of SwAIPP is led by two groups at KI, with long experience in the AI/ML applications in precision medicine (Rantalainen group) and in clinical pathology research (Hartman group). Together they are driving a new generation of internationally leading large-scale population-based studies in the domain of AI-based computational precision pathology. The studies take advantage of the unique large-scale information available through Swedish national health registries. Both groups have high-scale competences in AI-based computational pathology methods development, as well as clinical expertise in breast cancer pathology.


Stratipath is a spin-out of the research conducted at KI and aims to bring pioneering research in AI-based precision pathology into clinical use. Stratipath developed the first EU regulatory compliant solution for risk stratification of breast cancer using AI-based precision diagnostics to analyze cancer tissue.

Roche Diagnostics

Roche is a leading supplier of pathology lab equipment, systems and services. The Roche Digital Pathology solution combines innovative hardware, software and Roche uPath enterprise software to provide an end-to-end experience. In the project, Roche assists in implementing, facilitating and supporting the use of hardware, software and algorithms.


Philips is a leading supplier for digital pathology and in particular provides pathology labs with scanners, image management systems and viewing. Philips assists with software and AI platform deployment. Philips is also involved in bringing in patient engagement collaboration platforms in order to track patient-related outcomes.


Microsoft is a leading provider of platforms and tools to build and train AI for global scale as well as how to share and establish data in trusted and secure ways. Microsoft assists in providing a robust health data ecosystem that focuses on enabling collaboration, data sharing and data-driven research.

Helseplan Nysam AB

Helseplan Nysam is one of the leading benchmarking networks in the Nordic health care system. Helseplan Nysam aims to develop healthcare to be safe, available, equal and resource efficient. Helseplan is responsible for supporting the technology shift from pre-analysis studies, to tracking of the implementation and evaluation.


MEDQURE have deep experience in regulatory and compliance work for the MedTech and diagnostics solutions. In this project, MEDQURE leads the regulatory and quality work.

Region Kalmar

Region Kalmar is a leading digital pathology laboratory, being the first digital pathology lab in Sweden. They are accredited for digital pathology and diagnose over 200 breast cancers annually. Region Kalmar provides clinical expertise from a long-standing digital pathology lab.

Region Skåne

The Department of Clinical Genetics and Pathology, Region Skåne constitutes the largest, fully digital pathology network in Scandinavia. The Malmö site diagnoses over 500 breast cancers annually. Region Skåne provides a unique environment for multi-site prospective AI testing.

Region Västmanland

Region Västmanland is a recently converted digital pathology laboratory, diagnosing over 250 breast cancers annually. Region Västmanland provides clinical expertise from the standpoint of a recently digitized pathology lab.


Bröstcancerförbundet is the leading patient advocacy in Sweden. In this project, the organization provides important input on patients’ views, rights, and impact on quality of life. Bröstcancerförbundet also has an important role for the dissemination of the information and results to the patients and society. 


Swedish AI Precision Pathology

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